Blackhead's Genie, AKG 3, IPO 3
Born 17 December 2006
Accomplishment 2013 Indonesia (PERKIN) National Champion, Surabaya, East Java (High Obedience 95 points, High Protection 91 points)
Note Genie was my first Malinois which was a "learning dog" for me. She has a full grip (and always give the same to her offspring). This social aggression Malinois had gave me a lots of knowledge in dog training and she ended it with excellent accomplishment become 2013 Indonesia National Champion :)

Dancer van Joefarm, AKG

Rosa Godart


Blackhead's Illusion, BH, AS
Born 10 June 2007
Accomplishment 2009 PERKIN Jaya Anjing Sahabat Champion, Cibubur (High Obedience 95,5 points)
Note Lusi is this kennel breeding bitch. Small size doesn't make her always give tons of drives to her offsprings. This dam of Cleo is very active Malinois in her daily life.

Blackneck's A'Cob

Rosa Godart


Blackneck's A'Flisa, AKG
Import Sweden
Born 17 October 2005
Accomplishment 2008 PERKIN Jaya AKG Champion, Cibubur
Note Flisa, was dam, grandmom from 75% Malinois in Indonesia :) One of Indonesia legend Malinois which has lots of excellent accomplishments in her era. Now, she retired already from breeding program, and enjoy her rest of life.

Daneskjold Aragon, IPO 3

Blackneck's Kruxa


Indi DarkFall
Import Serbia
Born 18 November 2010
Note Medium size Malinois and imported from Serbia for better Malinois bloodline in Indonesia. Indi is serious dog in work and has balance drives. She has very good bloodline from Kukay kennel..

Kukay's Asko, IPO 3  

China DarkFall


Kashan of Siam Crown
Import Thailand
Born 20 February 2011
Note Kashan has very good bloodline from top malinois in the world inside. Offspring of this female more suitable for military or police work even for Personal Protection Dog.

Cartouche van Beukenhage, IPO 3

Criket van het Berkenmeer, IPO 3


Blackhead's Eureka
Born 17 May 2012
Note Female with top working malinois bloodline, social and produced awesome puppies for sports or working.

Iboy van het Groot Wezenland, AKG 2, IPO 2

Blackneck's A'Gipsy, AKG 3, IPO 3


BlackFace Zircon
Born 06 October 2017
Note A very high prey drive and natural food drive female which will be our next breeding bitch

Odin Airport Hannover

BlackFace Shun


BlackFace Yoda
Born 21 October 2017
Note A very high prey drive and natural food drive female which will be our next breeding bitch

Blackhead's Zeus

Blackhead's Eureka




"training is more of an art than a science. if it were a science, we could train all dogs in the exact same way and get the exact same results"

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