BlackFace Malinois kennel was founded in 2008 together with BlackFace Club which is a dog training club that only focus in Dogsport (IPO) and Working (Dual Purpose Dog) program.

This kennel has create some achievement dogs in IPO or functioned for security, police and military necessity, especially in Indonesia.

Owned, managed and trained by Kenny Rao, trainer with some best accomplisments in National or International events, BlackFace Malinois kennel keep trying to develop the quality of Belgian Malinois breeding and keep trying to develop the quality and achievement in the training because all of this wasn't only as a hobby, but also a dedication, hard work and value of life which made this kennel as one of the best Belgian Malinois kennel in Indonesia.

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BlackFace Malinois (and Zsetoryka GSD) produce and offer quality puppies from top working Malinois and GSD bloodline over the world used for Dogsports, Military, Police, Security and also Home Companion.

We always hope in all of our breeding plans will produce good puppies which have good balance in drives also good in character and temperament.

All of puppies are pure breed of Belgian Shepherd (Malinois) and German Shepherd Dog (Working Line) and have their PERKIN (All Indonesia Kennel Club - FCI) certificate and routine take care such like de-worm, vaccination before they are ready to adopt.






Our dog for sale is selected and trained in order to be functioned according to it's ability.

There are 2 categories we offer, "Puppy For Sale" which is selected and "drive building" trained Belgian Malinois & Working Line GSD puppy until 4 months old.

While the second category is "Prospective Dog For Sale" which is some basic obedience and protection trained dog that can be continued by them who want to do IPO program or other purpose in the future.

"Prospective Dog For Sale" could be also a BH (Begleithund) passed dog or a dog which trained for IPO protection routines or Dual Purpose aim.








Update: 15 April 2019


"dog is an amazing god's creature"

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